En liten forsmak på president Obamas kontraterror-tale

    (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

    Klokken 20 i kveld (norsk tid) holder president Barack Obama en tale ved National Defense University i Washington, D.C. I talen kommer Obama til å snakke om administrasjonens dronebruk og andre kontra-terrortiltak, samt Guantànamos framtid.

    POLITICOs Playbook gir oss en liten forsmak:

    «In a counterterrorism speech for the history books, President Obama will outline a higher threshold for drone strikes, and an easing of restrictions on transfers from Gitmo. The 2 p.m. address at National Defense University, at Fort McNair in D.C., is long – nearly an hour – and has been in the works since the State of the Union address. The speech blends Obama’s experience as wartime commander-in-chief with his instincts as a constitutional law professor. The White House sees the speech as part of moving America into a post-war era – an effort at becoming more transparent, and at having an honest conversation about issues that have drawn criticism. Advisers who have personally discussed these policies with Obama tell Playbook that he thinks the American people need to understand them if they’re going to support them. If the government isn’t talking about its drone policy, the vacuum is filled by critics like Sen. Rand Paul.»

    Du kan følge talen live via C-SPAN og Det hvite hus sin egen livestream fra klokken 20.00.

    Are Tågvold Flaten
    Are Tågvold Flaten
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