Valgkamppoesi: Joe Bidens hår

    «As he turned away from me, I witnessed a classic Biden moment.

    Frank Greer, a legendary Democratic media consultat, was helping us by volunteering as our stage manager at all four debates.

    Frank had a full head of thick gray hair, and as the folically challenged Biden grabbed him to thank him on the way out, he said, ‘Man, Frank, if I only had your hair I could have been the number one guy on this ticket!’

    And with that, our vice presidential nominee triumphantly entered his motorcade for the drive to the airport.»

    David Plouffe (2009) – The Audacity to Win (s. 349).

    Are Tågvold Flaten
    Are Tågvold Flaten
    Statsviter og redaktør av Programleder av podkastene "Valgkampsirkuset" og "Amerikansk politikk". Forfatter av "Sirkuset - Clinton, Trump og tidenes valgkamp".

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